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Regular residential lots: $15,000

Lot 6: 124 x 140 located on corner of Nevada and Willow Creek Drive

Lot 5: 120 x 140 Located on East side of Willow Creek Drive

Lots 7-10: 120 x 140: located on West side of Quail Creek Drive

Residential Lot Restrictions:

A: All lots located on 120 x 140 lots (regular building restrictions apply)

Shall be known as residential lots and no structure shall be erected on any lot other than a single, residential dwelling as hereinafter described, which contains at least a two car garage and no more than one building for storage with dimensions no greater than 10' by 15'.

B: No building of any type or character shall be moved in on any lot in the above described property and only new structures as hereinafter described shall be erected on said lots.

C: No residential lot shall be re-subdivided into building lots less than 70 feet frontage and 130 feet in depth.

D: No dwelling shall be permitted on any lot in this addition containing less than 1250 square feet of living area, excluding the two car garage so attached. 

E: No residence building shall be erected on any lot in said property above described  nearer than twenty-five feet from the front line of all the lots in said property nor nearer than twenty feet to the side of lots 1,4,5 & 8 of said property and no buildings shall be constructed within 15 feet of any utility easement. 

F: All residences must be constructed with at least 80% brick veneer and shall have concrete driveways.

G: No mobile homes or temporary structures shall be moved in, built on, or kept on said property.

H: No business building shall be built on the above described property and no business conducted thereon, whether it be mercantile, service, machine, garage, shop, filling station, tourist court, warehouse or any other business of whatsoever nature or kind.

I: No livestock, poultry, debris, junk, old cars, or other materials of whatsoever nature and kind shall be kept, gathered or stored on said premises and said property shall be mowed regularly and kept in a good and clean condition at all times.

J: No more than two family dogs shall be kept on said property at any time and no breeding or training business or hobby pertaining to dogs or other animals shall be operated, kept or maintained at any time on said property.

K: These covenents and restrictions and reservations are to run with the land above described and shall be binding on all parties and persons claiming under them until the 16th day of July, 2001 at which time they shall be automatically extended for successive periods of ten years unless by a vote of a majority of the owners of all the lots in said block 1, Kishketon Estate Part One to the City of Walters, Oklahoma, it is agreed to change said covenants, restrictions and reservations in whole or in part. 

Kishketon Barn Lot Restrictions

Lots A through F will be sold with the adjacent 6 house lots, lots 1-6 which Face West along Quail Creek Drive.  This will allow each homeowner to have room behind their house for a shop or barn.  The house lots were previously annexed into the City of Walters and carry their own restrictions. The Barn Lots, Tracts A through F are not annexed and will carry the restrictions as listed below.

Barn can be no bigger than 30 x 40 x 10

Barn cannot be built until house is started and completion of house is within one year

Barn exterior must be colored metal and with brick or rock (whichever is used on the house) up 4 feet on the front or street side (if bottom half of barn is visible from the street)

Barn floor must be totally concrete

Lot must be kept mowed and maintained.  No junk, stored cars etc, outside of shop or barn.

No permanent business is to be conducted on the lot or in the barn.  No lovestock or poultry in the barn or on the lot.  No annoying noise to come from the lot or barn.  (race cars, motorcycles, etc etc.)

Owner must keep lots mowed until house and barn are built.