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Saturday, April 28th 2012   10 a.m.

Registration begins at 8:00

Temple, Ok   Highway 5 on East side of town, 2 blocks East of Temple Schools.

Preview items Friday before auction 1-5

Click here for road map to Temple, Ok

new addition to list: Dale Earnhardt memorabilia

To settle the estate of Clint Gower, High's Auction & Real Estate will be selling the following items at public auction.

Terms: Cash or check with proper i.d.  Tax i.d. required for sales tax exemption. 

Automobiles: new and antique cars

1927 Star w/rumble seat and spares, good condition, driven in parade last year

Vin: 1417116

IMG_1664.JPG (59736 bytes) IMG_1663.JPG (66387 bytes) IMG_1665.JPG (70996 bytes) IMG_1666.JPG (34195 bytes) IMG_1667.JPG (54472 bytes)

2002 Camaro convertible, 35th Anniversary series SS convertible Z28 (good condition)  only 6957 actual miles, only 789 made!!!

VIN: 2G1FP32G322158781

IMG_1698.JPG (67373 bytes) IMG_1700.JPG (39226 bytes) IMG_1701.JPG (54407 bytes) IMG_1702.JPG (43941 bytes) IMG_1703.JPG (61100 bytes) IMG_2525.JPG (70890 bytes)

Chevy Deluxe frame

IMG_1854.JPG (95011 bytes)

1981 Chevy El Camino; Vin: 1GCCW80H2BR464065

IMG_1661.JPG (53002 bytes) 

1986 Chevy Z28 (rough) VIN: 1G1AP37S1DL100157

IMG_1695.JPG (46854 bytes)

1967 Chevy Pickup w/step sides 4 speed, short narrow bed, straight 6: VIN: CS147S126433

IMG_1692.JPG (53352 bytes) IMG_1694.JPG (52600 bytes)        

1967 International Pickup Class A.N. Standard tran./4 speed VIN: 1200B713206753016

IMG_1689.JPG (46247 bytes) IMG_1690.JPG (64208 bytes) IMG_2487.JPG (47184 bytes)

1964 Ford E100 Econoline  VIN: E10SH483752

IMG_1688.JPG (54265 bytes)

1987 Chevy Blazer 99k mi 4WD V8   VIN: 1GNEV18K5HF121528

IMG_1673.JPG (55022 bytes)

1967 Ford T bird w/suicide doors  VIN: 7Y84Z171703

IMG_1671.JPG (56545 bytes) IMG_2478.JPG (50934 bytes) IMG_2477.JPG (46394 bytes)

1983 Chevy Monte carlo w/v8   VIN: 1G1AZ3776DR270665

IMG_1651.JPG (45740 bytes) IMG_1652.JPG (57826 bytes)

2008 Chevy HHR Good condition with only 41485 mi.  VIN: 3GCDA85D885616445

IMG_1772.JPG (60833 bytes)

1984 Chevy El Camino 66k mi. Conquista  VIN: 1GCCW80HXER194734

IMG_1697.JPG (44969 bytes)

1995 Pontiac Trans Am w/T tops (Firebird Formula  w/66963 mi)  VIN: 2G2FB22P0S2229026

IMG_1774.JPG (47013 bytes) IMG_1775.JPG (54007 bytes) IMG_1776.JPG (51685 bytes)

1973 Pontiac 350 Lemans 33531 mi actual  2 door   VIN: 2D37M32115372

IMG_1676.JPG (58024 bytes) IMG_1680.JPG (58065 bytes)

1966 Ford Mustang 289  2+2 59k mi Auto Tran/good condition   VIN: 6409A212481

IMG_1677.JPG (59613 bytes) IMG_1678.JPG (60409 bytes) IMG_1679.JPG (62733 bytes) IMG_2533.JPG (47622 bytes)

1976 MPV Sportsman (salvage) VIN: 2589B

IMG_1704.JPG (55689 bytes)

2002 Prowler w/custom matching trailer, only 240 actual miles (Chrysler), only manufactured for 6 months VIN: 1C3EW65G92V100475

IMG_1682.JPG (69192 bytes) IMG_1684.JPG (66394 bytes)

2008 Chevy HHR 2953 Act. miles, Vin 3GCDA15D485517936

IMG_1654.JPG (61705 bytes)

MG (salvage)

IMG_1956.JPG (63935 bytes)

1983 Chevy Pickup El Camino

IMG_1661.JPG (53002 bytes) IMG_2479.JPG (44341 bytes)

2002 Chevy Pickup shortbed 4 speed 6 cyl.   Picture and vin coming

IMG_2480.JPG (54078 bytes)

Many Wheels & Tires:

IMG_1936.JPG (51816 bytes) IMG_1937.JPG (54624 bytes) IMG_1938.JPG (60288 bytes) IMG_1939.JPG (58128 bytes) IMG_1940.JPG (57404 bytes) IMG_1941.JPG (62816 bytes) IMG_1942.JPG (65245 bytes)

Pedal Cars, many still in the boxes

List pictured includes the following

Dump Truck, J.D. Fire trucks, Farm Alls, New Hollands, J.D. Tractors, Fire Chief Pedal Cars    (Google pedal cars to see what these go for new)

There are many different models still new and in the boxes.

IMG_1466.JPG (60843 bytes) IMG_1474.JPG (57504 bytes) 

IMG_1467.JPG (67269 bytes) IMG_1475.JPG (53412 bytes) IMG_1468.JPG (72663 bytes) 

IMG_1471.JPG (63127 bytes) IMG_1473.JPG (66004 bytes)IMG_1476.JPG (62845 bytes) IMG_1478.JPG (46998 bytes) IMG_2037.JPG (62560 bytes)

Gas Pumps, Antique Signs, Coke & Pepsi Machines

Several signs are double sided antique porcelain

Texaco sign at the bottom is like new condition (excellent)

 IMG_1481.JPG (55713 bytes) IMG_1482.JPG (43712 bytes) IMG_1487.JPG (54056 bytes) IMG_1931.JPG (55121 bytes) IMG_1912.JPG (63592 bytes) IMG_1913.JPG (71693 bytes) IMG_1914.JPG (55371 bytes)

IMG_1485.JPG (48938 bytes) IMG_1472.JPG (59464 bytes) IMG_1757.JPG (59850 bytes) IMG_1758.JPG (59227 bytes) IMG_1759.JPG (50510 bytes) IMG_1763.JPG (71628 bytes) 

IMG_1764.JPG (77048 bytes) IMG_1765.JPG (72941 bytes) IMG_1766.JPG (54062 bytes) IMG_1861.JPG (53057 bytes) IMG_1930.JPG (48127 bytes) IMG_1943.JPG (65556 bytes)

IMG_1977.JPG (59610 bytes) IMG_1987.JPG (55374 bytes) IMG_2520.JPG (72168 bytes) IMG_2521.JPG (63203 bytes) IMG_2523.JPG (63726 bytes)

Dale Earnhardt memorabilia

IMG_2136.JPG (69043 bytes) 

Coca Cola Coolers and many other collectables

 IMG_1897.JPG (55962 bytes) IMG_1898.JPG (65627 bytes) IMG_1994.JPG (77192 bytes) IMG_2002.JPG (71637 bytes)  

Check out the Royal Crown Cola Cooler along with 2 additional antique coolers

Coca Cola

IMG_1926.JPG (59684 bytes)

Big V Feeds 

IMG_1927.JPG (57550 bytes)

Nichols Tillage Tools

IMG_1928.JPG (54918 bytes)

Farmers Union Sign

IMG_1929.JPG (45583 bytes)

Meat grinders, street light, 7-up freezer, Coca Cola Dispenser, Radio, Irons, lantern, fire hydrant

IMG_1899.JPG (75034 bytes) IMG_1900.JPG (45149 bytes) IMG_1902.JPG (50893 bytes) IMG_1903.JPG (54881 bytes) IMG_1904.JPG (57748 bytes) IMG_1905.JPG (66752 bytes) IMG_2033.JPG (66232 bytes) IMG_2034.JPG (58573 bytes)

IMG_2553.JPG (49870 bytes) IMG_2541.JPG (55316 bytes) IMG_2549.JPG (66516 bytes) IMG_2551.JPG (72419 bytes) IMG_2550.JPG (66890 bytes) IMG_2542.JPG (66329 bytes)

Very old budweiser can of beer, no pull tabs, antique plow

IMG_2035.JPG (59697 bytes) IMG_2030.JPG (59707 bytes)

Antique dial phone; parking meter

IMG_2009.JPG (49578 bytes) IMG_2010.JPG (38450 bytes) 

Bicycle frames,  Scales, Yamaha Motorcycle, aluminum fuel tanks,  etc.

IMG_1906.JPG (72161 bytes) IMG_1907.JPG (51089 bytes) IMG_1909.JPG (68680 bytes)  IMG_1983.JPG (43350 bytes) IMG_2530.JPG (72085 bytes) IMG_2531.JPG (67114 bytes)

Antique claw footed bath tubs, wash board, Unicycle, Defiance Scales

IMG_1915.JPG (52978 bytes) IMG_1917.JPG (59404 bytes) IMG_1978.JPG (51781 bytes) IMG_1979.JPG (47619 bytes) IMG_1980.JPG (41704 bytes)

Church pews & display cases, propane tanks, more aluminum wheels

 IMG_1488.JPG (47474 bytes)  IMG_1483.JPG (57217 bytes) IMG_1920.JPG (58350 bytes) IMG_1920.JPG (58350 bytes) 

4500 lb capacity Roll Lift

IMG_1951.JPG (59616 bytes)

1978 Goldwing, Honda Motorcycle, trailer

IMG_1921.JPG (75011 bytes) IMG_1981.JPG (54897 bytes)

Antique bicycles, Schwinns & Western Flyers

IMG_1995.JPG (74957 bytes) IMG_1996.JPG (61649 bytes) IMG_2004.JPG (73805 bytes) IMG_2005.JPG (63553 bytes) IMG_2006.JPG (55608 bytes) 

Model cars with authentic papers, Franklin Mint Precision Models, 

IMG_1999.JPG (52456 bytes) IMG_1998.JPG (42554 bytes) IMG_2000.JPG (40845 bytes) 

Set of 275/50R17 106V Extreme Performance tires (new)

IMG_1479.JPG (55342 bytes)

Singer sewing machine

IMG_1515.JPG (56082 bytes)

Bolens Division antique tractor frame Serial #5698   Type no. 35AB02  R20901

Built in 1948, one of the original garden tractors, also known as the Bolens Ridemaster

Here is a picture of a complete Bolen Garden tractor I found on the internet

This picture below is a reference only and not at the auction; however, I didnt know just what we had at the sale until I did some further research.


more pictures and information on the way

Hand tools, air compressors, miter saw, car tags, etc.

U.S. General air compressor

IMG_1777.JPG (54318 bytes)

Scales, stands, chairs, budlight sign, chairs, brand new just out of box craftsman tool box, new Poulan chain saw,  drill press, many many collectibles too numerous to mention.

IMG_1988.JPG (68766 bytes) IMG_1989.JPG (59622 bytes) IMG_1990.JPG (60568 bytes) IMG_1991.JPG (69101 bytes) IMG_1992.JPG (68876 bytes) IMG_1993.JPG (69535 bytes) IMG_2540.JPG (57425 bytes)

IMG_2537.JPG (79348 bytes) IMG_2538.JPG (65629 bytes) IMG_2536.JPG (55634 bytes) 

Announcements day of sale supersede previous advertising





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